KUM High Quality Ellipse Sharpeners

KUM High Quality Ellipse Sharpeners

Item : T-2087K
Units: 10
Price: $22.95

You asked for it, so we delivered the highest quality sharpeners anywhere. There are so many amazing features about these sharpeners, it's almost unbelievable. First, they are just about unbreakable. Their elliptical shape and ultra hard plastic body creates a shatterproof container. Second, their blades are made of high-carbon steel which are long lasting and sharp. Additionally, the blades are slightly curved and flexible so they contour to the shape of a pencil.

This sharpener creates a perfectly sharpened point every time. There is no mess either, the built in container catches all the shavings. Engineered and manufactured by KUM in Germany, the world's leader in sharpener design.

Each package includes 10 assorted color sharpeners.

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