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Personalized Pencils - Value Pack Set of 3
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Personalized Pencils - Value Pack Set of 3

Product Description
Kids love Personalized Pencil Sets! Custom pencils are the perfect solution for student gifts year-round. The see-thru pouch contains 3 assorted color # 2 unsharpened pencils printed with your very own name or imprint of your choice. Personalized Pencil Packs are one of the most uniquely personal gifts a student can receive from his or her teacher. They’re fun to own and will be cherished by your students for weeks to come!

Don’t forget to add on a few extra sets in order to accommodate new students. Generic imprints with your school name, motto, mascot or even your own name are just as special.

Imprint specifications:
Limited to 1 line of imprint per set
Maximum 60 characters per line
Imprint can contain letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), space and /#- (symbols)
All imprints will be printed in UPPERCASE letters only

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