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Neon - "Greeting" Pencils 1313

Special greetings from your teacher is printed on 3 vibrant pencils that have matching erasers

Please note: Pencil colors and imprint may vary.

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Colored Pencils Set 15

8 crayon pencils for coloring books, school work and fun. Gift boxed. 3 1/2" long, non-toxic.

Please note: Pencil colors and imprint may vary.

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3-Pack Cello Wrapped Crayons TCR-10435

Includes 3 non-toxic crayons. Colors may vary.

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Personalized Pencils - Value Pack Set of 3 17

Kids love Personalized Pencil Sets! Custom pencils are the perfect solution for student gifts year-round. The see-thru pouch contains 3 assorted color # 2 unsharpened pencils printed with your very own name or imprint of your choice. Personalized Pencil Packs are one of the most uniquely personal gifts a student can receive from his or her teacher. They’re fun to own and will be cherished by your students for weeks to come!

Don’t forget to add on a few extra sets in order to accommodate new students. Generic imprints with your school name, motto, mascot or even your own name are just as special.

Imprint specifications:
Limited to 1 line of imprint per set
Maximum 60 characters per line
Imprint can contain letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), space and /#- (symbols)
All imprints will be printed in UPPERCASE letters only

Note: Uploading your Class Roster is fast and easy! You will be prompted to enter your roster at checkout.

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Game Pads 2044Z

These mini-game pads make a perfect gift for any occasion. Six unique styles, 72 pad per order. 24 pages per pad. 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"

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Fun Book - Holiday Activity Book 30

No minimum! Charming illustrations and mind tickling fun for the holiday time and all year through. A variety of puzzle formats including fill-ins, word search, mazes, dot-to-dots, finger puppets, crossword puzzles, plus creative outlines to color. The inside cover can be personalized by the teacher. 32 Pages, 8-1/2" x 10".

Download FREE sample pages today!

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About Snowflakes Pencils 53

...Snowflakes...Did you know when particles of water vapor are frozen in the upper air and fall to Earth as soft white crystal-like flakes, they are called Snowflakes.

No.2 Bonded, non-toxic, soft erasers, supplied unsharpened, 1 gross per box.

Please note: Pencil colors and imprint may vary.

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Foil Pencil Pack 780

A set of 3 shimmering FOIL pencils, gaily decorated with "HAPPY HOLIDAYS".

Please note: Pencil colors and imprint may vary.

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Happy Holidays from Your Teacher - Pencil Set 900227

Set of 3 colorful pencils in a vinyl pouch. "HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM YOUR TEACHER" printed in Black.

Please note: Pencil colors and imprint may vary.

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Personalized Pen Pack - Set of 3 Personalized Pens 9088

Personalized Pens will be prized by your students. Each set of personalized pens includes 3 assorted color pens printed with your students' names. Bold black imprint. Smooth writing ball point pens with black ink. (Maximum 30 letters and spaces)

You will be given the ability to enter names at checkout time.

New Feature: Import your Class List for Customization

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