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Misprinted Retractable Pens - 100 per bag


   No customization or special selections available. Assorted style click pens mixed together in packages of 100. Ink colors are mostly Black, but are mixed Black and Blue inks. Pen Colors and Styles can not be specified.
Price:$ 5.99  

12" Presidential Ruler


   Colorful flexible ruler with historical facts about the American flag, plus the words of our National Anthem. Illustrated on the reverse side are all 45 presidents and their terms in office.

UPDATED to include President Donald Trump!
Price:$ 0.59  

Misprinted - Deluxe Stick Pens


   Occasionally an order for custom printing has a mistake. Actual imprint may vary.

Regular Price $ 0.25 ea.
Sale Price $ 0.08 ea.
You Save 66%
Price:$ 7.99  

Misprinted Golf Pencils


   Here is your chance to purchase our extras and leftovers at an unbeatable price. You receive a full gross of top-quality Atlas Golf Pencils. Take advantage of this special offer while they are still available as supplies are limited. 144 golf pencils per box.

Please note: Pencil colors and imprint may vary.
Price:$ 2.95  

Inflatable 12" World Globe


   12" Inflatable World Globe is up-to-date and accurate with the current world view.
Price:$ 1.19  

Star Glitter Sharpeners


   For sharp points
Price:$ 9.86  

Foil I'm A Terrific Kid Pencils


   Motivators in foil, No.2 Bonded, non-toxic, soft erasers, supplied unsharpened, 1 gross per box.

Please note: Pencil colors and imprint may vary.
Price:$ 21.50  

Brilliant Glitter Pencils


   Bright assorted color pencils with matching erasers. No. 2 Lead.
( Not recomended for electric sharpeners.)

Please note: Pencil colors and imprint may vary.
Price:$ 12.56  

Barrel Sharpeners


   For sharp points
Price:$ 12.56  

Glitter Gel Grips


   The most stretchiest, ickiest comfortable grip ever! Comes with 72 per package assorted!
Price:$ 9.86  

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