Back To School
With The "Write" Stuff

reaching our national goal of "No Child Left Behind"

Back-to-School Classroom Essentials are listed below.
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Foil Welcome To Our Class Pencils

$23.49 gr.
Fancy Happy Birthday Pencils $23.49 gr.
Bus Safety Pencils $21.49 gr.
Bullying Pencils $23.49 gr.
3-In-1 Sharpeners (Set of 24) $13.95 set
Plush Pencil Grips ( Set of 72) $6.95 set
Holiday Stamps (Set of 18) $16.95 set
Welcome Sign $13.95 ea.
Teacher Accessory Box $4.95 ea.
Brain Pencil Toppers (Set of 50) $10.95 set
Front Desk Bell $5.99 ea.
Teacher's Note Clipboard $2.49ea.
Apple Perpetual Calendar $7.95 ea.
Smart Cart $25.95 ea.
Personalized Penciils (Set of 3) $.79 set
Custom Pencils $17.95 gr.
Line Master $10.95 ea.
Expo Dry Erase Markers (Set of 5) $5.95 set
5 Minute Fillers $6.95 ea.
Coffee Mug $9.95 ea.
Building Blocks of Character Pencils $23.95 gr.
Personalized Pencils pencils

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