Happy Mother's Day

Dear Teacher:

On the second Sunday in May, we celebrate Mother's Day with love, hugs, kisses and we present gifts to make Mother proud.

Here are a few fun ideas that we think your students will love to make, as much as Mom will love and enjoy:

With our Designer Mug (T-840) - Students can use Rainbow Crayons (T-1633) or Lots of Glitter (T-712) to fill in the supplied art, or they can create their own designs.

Or, instruct the class to fold colorful sheets of Construction Paper (T-2070N); print a poem or letter on the front side and tape a Happy Mother's Day Pencil (T-2062V) to the inside.

Colored Leads(T-1964A), Washable Makers(T-2070M) and Smile Stickers(T-13A) are valuable tools to assist in the decoration of their very special Mother's Day Greetings.

For Teachers's Mothers, we highly recommend our beautiful Gardenia (T-2064F).

# 840

# 1360

# 2052D


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