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Welcome to For Teachers Only!

Celebrate with "For Teachers Only"

Capture the attention of your students as we celebrate the Special Events of each month. All items selected by teachers, For Teachers are thoughtful, motivational, and educational.

Click on the event of your choice. Events will be updated each month.

Black History Month
1 - Chinese New Year
14 - Valentine's Day
17 - Presidents' Day

2 - Texas Independence Day
4 - Mardi Gras
11 - Johnny Appleseed Day
17 - St. Patricks Day
20 - Spring Begins - Vernal Equinox

Reading is Fun Month
Keep America Beautiful Month
6-12 - Library Week
12 - National Smile Day
20 - Easter
22 - Earth Day
27 - National Volunteer Week (Celebrate - The Spirit of America)

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        For over 60 years Atlas Pen & Pencil Corp. has supplied teachers across the globe with motivational and educational products. Our catalog is printed on a yearly basis and corresponds to the academic school year. Annually, we search high and low to find the best new products custom tailored to the needs of teaching professionals. Our site is updated on a daily basis. Occasionally we offer discounts and specials. Therefore, those who visit us regularly will benefit from these reductions, as supplies are limited. Browse through our enormous line of motivational and novelty pencils, a myriad of school supplies, as well as year-round gifts for teachers and students alike. Enjoy the sight and don’t forget to register your e-mail address with us so we can keep you informed of seasonal products and specials. The following list will give you an idea of the products available from ForTeachersOnly.com

  1. Pencils: pencils tub, pop -a -point pencils, personalized pencils, hexagon pencils, round pencils, foil pencils, pencils that say things, neon pencils, motivational pencils, holiday pencils, religious pencils, animal pencils, school pride pencils, state pencils, feather pencils
  2. Erasers: wedge erasers, wedge cap erasers, topper erasers, holiday erasers, neon wedge erasers, geometric erasers, mini erasers, apple topper erasers, thumbs up erasers, rainbow erasers, glitter twist erasers
  3. Pens: stick pens, colored pens, gel pens, jumbo pens, 3 color pens, retractable pens, puzzle pens, glitter pens, grading pens, neck pens
  4. Sharpeners: turbo car sharpeners, clock sharpeners, boom box sharpeners, smile sharpeners, globe sharpeners, calculator sharpeners, floppy disk sharpeners
  5. Organizers: round zipper pouch organizers, double zipper organizers, pencil caddy with sharpener organizers, on the wild side round pouch organizer
  6. Pencil Boxes: flag pencil boxes, money pencil boxes, sports pencil boxes, smiles pencil boxes, 2-tier pencil boxes, see thru pencil boxes
  7. Pins: apple pins, globe pins, attitude pins, learning pins, science award pins, math power pins, honor roll pins, student of the week pins, teacher pins, perfect attendance pins
  8. Books: multiplication books, science fair books, mental math books, puzzle books, brain teasers books, language books, wonder stories books, states and capitols books
  9. Games: lucky 13 games, word play games, multiplication race games, geometric puzzle games, bingo games, duo card games, story starters games, brainstorm topics games
  10. Patriotic Items: patriotic usa pin, patriotic rulers, patriotic star toppers, patriotic magnet, patriotic pencil sharpeners, patriotic pencils, patriotic pop-a-points, patriotic pens, patriotic flag pin, patriotic plaque.
  11. Holidays: christmas, thanksgiving, halloween, easter

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